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17 November 2006 @ 01:02 am
Brushes: 15 Text Brushes  
This is a collection of random text brushes I've made for myself during the past months. Maybe these will come handy for someone, maybe not, but I thought I'd share them anyway. :) The set is a .zip file that includes .abr set of the brushes and also image pack for non Photoshop users. Please credit exique or coloratus when using.

:: Download @ DeviantArt ::
『 Tian-Shi 』~ ♫fruity_taste on November 4th, 2007 03:43 pm (UTC)
I love these! snagging and will credit of course!
Miiaexique on November 5th, 2007 04:31 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I'm glad to hear you like them! :)
(Deleted comment)
Miiaexique on February 26th, 2008 03:18 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :)